Big Tent Collaborative Work

The Big Tent Air Coalition is not a formal coalition, but since February 2016, since the news story broke about moss data, a group of like-minded air advocates representing both larger established organizations and smaller neighborhood advocacy groups have been meeting regularly to share resources and insights to advance Oregon’s work to establish the most health protective air program in the country. There have been many significant actions coordinated through this collaborative effort.  Here are some of the key efforts, actions, comments:

3-30-16 – Final Group Comments on Temporary Rule

3-30-16 – Proposed Temporary Glass Mfr Rules

7-29-16 Final Group Comments on CAGM Rule

6.29.2016 DEQ-Governor call for Moratorium DEQ_CAO_Moratorium



7.25.2016  Letter to DEQ acting director Pete Shepherd on Technical Workgroup CommentsLetter to Acting Director Shepherd_TWG

7.27.2016  VW Settlement Consent Decree CommentsNEDC – Volkswagen Consent Decree Comment – 7.27.16

9.13.2016 Statewide Advocacy Letter Statewide Letter

10.20.2016 Letter to CAO AC Co-Chairs