Take Action

  • Host a house party
    • Neighbors for Clean Air’s most active members are communities that work together to address a specific threat that affects their neighborhood.  For some that is the risk of toxic emissions from a single industrial facility, or the threat of diesel emissions from a large construction project, or the presence of the whole mix of urban air toxics and finding ways to make incremental improvements or prevent further deterioration. This usually starts with getting your neighbors, friends, church groups, or school community together to learn more.  If you are interested in hosting a house party to talk about air pollution and what you and your neighbors can do to work for clean safe air, please contact us: info@whatsinourair.org.
  • Share your experience
    • Do you have a specific air pollution problem that threatens the health and well-being of your family?
    • Do you have members of your household that have been negatively impacted by bad air?
    • Are there members of your family or community that are uniquely vulnerable due to asthma or other conditions that make bad air especially risky.
  • Report an odor
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